Hospital of the Holy Spirit in a new light

Heiligen-Geist-Hospital im neuen Licht

On Saturday evening passers-by stood curious on the Koberg. The question "What's going on here?" became audible. All was revealed shortly after 23.00, when members of the four Lübeck Rotary Clubs and politicians of the Hanseatic City poured out of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Rotary International members arranged the day festively and as high point of the day donated an illumination to the Koberg. A play of light for the house fronts for one the most beautiful places in the north.

First the illumination will last seven days - which will cost about 50,000 euros. "Later on the illumination can become an ongoing experience", according to Mayor Bernd Saxe. The complete installation would cost 250,000 euros and be possible through sponsorship. City President Peter Sünnenwold. Bernd Saxe and the President of the Lübeck Rotarians, Rüdiger Asche, together pressed the button at 23.15 which turned on the lights: 60 points of light light up 80 per cent of the Koberg - as far as the Jacobi Church, which may eventually be illuminated. msn (from: Lübecker Stadtzeitung )

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