Welcome to Lübeck's foundation administration

For centuries it has been a venerable tradition in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck for citizens, associations and organisations to make available assets in the form of foundations, donations, wills or legacies for cultural and social purposes.

Lübeck is still considered today to be a city with a strong sense of citizenship and is home to numerous foundations serving the public good. The activities of the Possehl Foundation or Dräger Foundation, well known beyond Lübeck’s borders, have materially helped to shape the development of our city.

They work alongside venerable, partly medieval foundations which since 1939 have been administered in trust as so-called "communal foundations" by the municipality of Lübeck. They include among others the independent foundations "Heiligen-Geist-Hospital" (Hospital of the Holy Spirit), "St. Johannis-Jungfrauenkloster" (St John's Convent), "Vereinigte Testamente" (Joint Wills) and "Lübecker Wohnstifte" (Lübeck Residential Homes).

What they all have in common is that social and cultural purposes such as assistance for youth and the elderly, care of the disabled, preservation of monuments or assistance for study are promoted from the proceeds of their assets.