History of the Lübeck Residential Homes Foundation

The "Lübecker Wohnstifte" foundation was set up in the year 1941 to bring together in a firm structure a large number of autonomous and charitable foundations resident in Lübeck and achieve a uniform and efficient administration of the assets contained in the foundations.

All the foundations which were dedicated to the maintenance of charitable old people's homes were brought together in this foundation unless they were able to claim greater independence for themselves in view of their large assets.

The individual foundations, whose assets consisted predominantly of land holdings, had been in existence as far back as the 15th century. The residential homes and residential programmes brought into the foundation still bear their original names today which refer to the founders or the head.

The individual pieces of land and buildings have been developed over the course of time with considerable restoration efforts into some of the sights of Lübeck's Old Town.

As however the foundation after some time was no longer in a position to raise the funds for the necessary substance maintenance and repair, part of the land holdings was sold and leaseholds were formed where the original purpose of the foundations has been preserved, even if in a slightly modified form.

Thanks to the aforementioned transactions it was possible for the foundation in addition to the existing items of property to acquire an old people's care home and the adjoining old people's residences to meet the purpose of the foundation in a form appropriate to today.