History of the Joint Wills Foundation

After the end of the First World War and monetary devaluation a large number of Lübeck foundations were no longer capable of fulfilling their envisaged purpose.

In order to give these foundations, whose assets did not consist of land holdings, financial strength again, the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck decided to set up the Joint Wills Foundation.

The main task of these foundations was "relief of the poor". Even if at first only an association of administrations, nevertheless the Joint Wills Foundation was created as a completely independent foundation. It has also always been run as such.

So for example land rights were always entered into the land register under the name of the foundation. Ultimately the assets of the individual foundations became so inextricably merged that the "Joint Wills" unified association of administrations emerged from actual practice.

Existing doubts about the independence of the foundation were finally resolved in 1941 through the repeated merger of the Joint Wills foundations into a unified "Joint Wills" foundation. Over 180 individual foundations have been incorporated in the foundation to date.

Over time the foundation's purpose has been gradually adapted. Even today the foundation still fulfils a role of great social importance. The assets of the foundation have been used for the construction of old people's homes and care homes and retirement homes. Priorities today include the maintenance and modernisation of the aforementioned facilities belonging to the foundation.